Monday, December 28, 2015

Solar system

A solar system cake for my space-mad six-year old! The planets were hand-painted and attached to the cake when dry, and I flicked the cake with white food colouring to give the effect of tiny stars.  I tried to make the planets fairly accurate, and had my six-year old as my advisor; Jupiter has its storm, Earth its continents and the Sun a rough surface of flames and solar explosions!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Gravity-defying Smarties...

Recently I tried my hand at a gravity-defying cake. I love the way it looks like the lollies are cascading from a (seemingly bottomless!) packet of Smarties...

A colourful birthday!

I made this cake for a one year-old's birthday party. I love the bright colours!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Toadstools and fairies...

Here are some cake toppers I made for a little girl's birthday party. Her mum made the cakes and placed the toadstools, flowers, ladybirds and bees I'd made on top and around the cakes. The set-up looked fantastic!

Pink and blue baby shower

A few weeks ago I made a baby shower cake for my sister-in-law. I chose a pink and blue theme, with some cute baby cupcake toppers, neenish tarts, umbrella cupcake toppers and umbrella biscuits. The fondant baby on top of the cake was supposed to be just a practice one, but turned out so cute I just knew it would have to take pride of place on top of the cake!

Tomato cupcakes

A workmate of my husband's brought in bags full of wonderful home-grown tomatoes for us. I made him some cupcakes to say thank you - tomato-themed, of course!